A Guide to Sylhet, Bangladesh

Located on the northwestern part of Bangladesh, Sylhet is one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in the country. This city is famous for its rich history, culture, and food. You can explore the city’s attractions by taking a tour around it. The city is a great place to visit for the first time. … Read more

A Little-Known Gem of Bangladesh

Sylhet is a small town in Bangladesh, and is situated in the northwest of the country, just south of the border with India. The city is known for its unique architecture, and its rich and varied history. It is also home to a number of distinct ethnic groups, such as Hindus and Turko-Persian Muslims. Aside … Read more

The Natural Beauty of Sylhet

Sylhet is a city in eastern Bangladesh that is famous for its Sufi shrines. There are many shrines that people can visit in the city, including the tomb of 14th century saint Hazrat Shah Jalal. It is also home to a huge open-air hilltop mosque, the Shahi Eidgh, which was built by Emperor Aurangzeb. Historical … Read more

Sylhet in Bangladesh

The Eastern Bangladeshi city of Sylhet is home to the tomb of Hazrat Shah Jalal, one of the Sufi saints, and the Museum of Rajas. This museum contains the belongings of the local folk poet Hasan Raja. History Sylhet is a city in Bangladesh. It is located in the Sylhet Valley, which is a major … Read more

The City of Sylhet in Bangladesh

Sylhet, Bangladesh is a place for travelers and tourists to go and explore. It is home to an exciting culture, and has beautiful places to visit. The people here are friendly and helpful, and are proud to share their culture with visitors. There are also a number of tourist attractions and activities to do while … Read more

Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Sylhet

Tourist Attraction in Sylhet, a beautiful, peaceful city on earth which located in the north-east part of Bangladesh. There are many beautiful places here to visit, a number of tourist visits Sylhet to enjoy their leisure in the city. it is the best place to visit and enjoy the trip. So, here is a list … Read more